Who is this guy?

Yep - that’s me.

If you’re visiting this page you’re probably family or a friend, or more likely an Animation Geek (but that’s ok! Animation Geeks are cool) . As of right now, I just finished up being the Senior Supervising Animator on Horton Hears a Who at Blue Sky Studios. I was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, but have lived in New York state for the past ten years. I’m a dad to two little girls and husband to my wife, Heather. Besides Animation I really dig movies, video games, hard drinking, Cherry Pepsi and my Mac. I’m obsessive about having a beautiful lawn and the weeds in our rock gardens KILL me.

14 Responses to “Who is this guy?”

  1. Hey Michael.

    First I’d like to congratulate you on your movie and it’s success. It was one of the most well done animated features I’ve seen yet and certainly the best looking 3-D animated movie I’ve EVER seen.

    My name is Jacob Hoyt Hottle and I’m one of those “Animation Geeks” you mentioned above. I’m currently attending the Art Institute of PIttsburgh for Media Arts and Animation.

    The other day I was on Blue Sky Studio’s website reading about internships and other things and I had some questions I’d like to ask you. You can just respond by sending me an email. I’m guessing it will show up if I type it below. Thanks for your time, and once again congratulations.

  2. Helloo Michael ! I am Murtaza frm Pakistan.
    Im aslo a animation geeK 🙂
    Well you and ur Studios really rocks. We in Pakistan nd especially in our small studio really love your Studio Films. and HORTON HEARS A WHO (wwwwwoooooowooooo ) What a film -Awsome !! no words to express it
    We study alot frm this film..
    Like to hear your views Michael ..what are u upto now -Whats next
    Take Care nd Keep making our Bones busy (Cheeks ones tad is 🙂

  3. Hey
    Im Mayur Ahirrao frm India,
    Im Kid in Animation ..
    I really like ur Film Horton hears a who !! but im ur fan since Ice Age ,
    In horton Along with animation , Character Rigs r Fantastics
    Cheers !!!!!

  4. Hello,
    I’m barely an animation geek, going into my freshman year of being an animation major at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I decided to go into animation with the ambitions of being a 2D animator, but after looking around and seeing what possible futures I can have, I’m opening up to places like pixar, dreamworks, blue sky and similar places.
    I’m curious, where did you study to become an animator? What work did you do before Blue Sky? Maybe I’m just lame and missed out on some info somewhere in the blog, but if you could email me back, I’d really love to know!

  5. The Sancho Plan at SIGGRAPH 08 || A new audiovisual project (Slow Art, Hall H)

    Hi Michael,

    I am writing as you may be at SIGGRAPH next week, and interested in our project The Sancho Plan, an award-winning team of writers, musicians, animators, designers and computer programmers who create new real-time audiovisual entertainment experiences for modern audiences.

    Through the careful combination of animation, sound, music and interactive technology, we create fantastical worlds in which animated characters are triggered by a variety of electronic musical instruments and other interfaces.

    Please come and find out more about our live animated performances and play with our interactive installation in the Slow Art Gallery (Hall H) from Mon 11 – Fri 15 August.

    Ed Cookson

    The Sancho Plan
    +44 (0) 7967 018908

    NEW! See our development on the first chapter of a planned interactive feature film:

  6. Hi Michael,

    Hi Mr. Miyasaki,

    My name is Teng Yang. I am a student studying animation at the Art Institute International Minnesota. I am doing a class project interviewing professionals in the animation industry. So I was wondering if you would have any time to answer my questions?
    If you do, please let me know.


    – Teng Yang

  7. So glad everything is going so well for you and the ladies. Was great to see you at the wedding and hope it doesn’t take as long to see you again. You are a talent and will always be one. I can still see you at 18 months sitting at Mums at Xmas coloring at the little desk they got you. The art comes from the heart and Grandpa Vic gave you a whole heart full.,,,,Take care and say hi to the girls…


  8. hi am Neil from India , i’ve just begun my career as a Character animator and am in love with animation.. really liked your work in HORTON hears a Who ?? i have seen it so many times but never seem to get bored of it … you guys did a fantastic job …

    Neil Chawla

  9. Hi
    I have dream too be an animator too.

  10. Mike,
    I went to highschool with you. My daughter Ava is obsessed with Horton and just today I saw your name in the credits. I knew you were a successful animator and I remember that you were nominated for an Oscar – but mostly I just remember you as being the kind guy in school that made posters for me when I ran for SRC (which I lost 🙂 I wish I would have kept those posters – would probably be worth something now! Congrats on your success. You deserve it.

  11. Hello

    Iam saurabh from India, a great fan of your work and all the Bluesky movies. Horton was a complete treat for the eyes. Hats off to the entire team on Horton. Loved the new tralier on Dawn of the dinosaurs. Thanks a million for inspiring me. Godbless you.

  12. Hey Mike,
    It’s Chad Brokop here from St. Timothy! Wow. “Bobby Big Wheel” in New york. Awesome buddy! I sure wish I kept all those cool NHL drawings you did for me of various goalies stuffing various superstars. Always knew you’d do well…congrats on all the success.

  13. Hey if you can make ice age 5 i was wondering it could be the dinosaures again it was so awsone to see them in the third movie i had idea about if you are making it for fith movie like it could be called reveange of terror or reveange from rudy or anything that suits you right. In the place where many and the other sub zero friends live now had a secert cave that was found by misteak when the teenagers the mammoths were having some they know down a cave that had the dinosaures had lived now since pagia came from the 4th movie. Buck returns knowing to see his friends again. Not only that momma dino and babbies grown up to be teenagers with papa dino who was shown as well. Momma and babies want sid in there family with grandma of sid as well but papa didnt know and trust sid at all. Because he was a stranger to him and fears he will leave his kids in danger but momma was trying to convice but he trust his instance in said of momma judgment. Rudy finds out the above world he has a wife that he hardly wants her to be out there home because in a website i read rudy lost his entited family mother father and sister and didnt want to loose her at all so he makes shure to make her stay while he goes out to hunt for her she is about fifty five feet tall same while papa dino was shown to be same size. Rudy had a idea to make the above world to be his new empire because his large size and made a deal with the gunlogs to share his empire if they work for him to get the above world so they work for him now. With the gunglogs on his side he is more powerful then ever. He shows amzung abilities like stealth, stregth, tracking, flexibale and refleax as well. These make rudy the perfect villan in ice age being the most dangours and the most powerful of all the villans shown in the movies. Buck as his friends to help him to stop rudy for terrozing thier home to return dino world. Momma and the kids want to help but papa dino didnt want them at all to help because it was their bussiness so he take them home by showing he is in charge because he loves them too munch. Momma still wants sid to join but papa said no and it was mostly about trust that doesnt suite papa because in this webiste momma papa and rudy were friends when their were kids. Rudy knew momma more the papa did and he fell in love with her but he finds out momma loves papa more then him and he felt betrade and has no family because of that he had no friends but now he only have anger and revange on his side now. Later when he got bigger he thought to be the last of his kind but there was another brayonax a female that he fell in love with. She thought to be alone but she has the same anger as well she hates dinosaures that took her family way from her as a chiled. Rudy can understand that very well. He love her so munch he told her he will protect her because he didnt want to be alone anymore. She was tall as papa dino was. When buck returns he learned how to talk to dinos once and for all. Well he findly finds out why rudy is called the heart of the beast. The true story of rudy he explaid to his friends the story what made him so evil. Sid really like to join momma family with grandma but he was afraid of lossing his friends but they told him if he wants to he can because he is old enough to make his own decisions that was the samething grandma wants was best for him and she said if you go i will come too because you are my favoirte family menber in our family and you and i will be with you matter what will hapen. Since you did adopt them i finaly going to be a greatgrandma for onece. Later sid was trying to talk to papa dino he dodnt like him because he took his kids when there were eggs. Sid told him he was sorry and just want a family of my own. He said my family left me alone when he said that he was alone it reminds him of rudy being alone. Before the end buck and the subzero were fighting Rudy and the gunglogs with the help of rudy mate they were showing to be winning the the other animals were trying to help out to stand up for their new home sid was with his grandma trying to get her out of their in the fight but rudy rember sid trys to kill hom but papa push rudy away from him. So they were fughting each other papa was biting rudy neck but rudy got out and tail whip papa head to the ground when papa was on the floor he flips over on his back and kicks rudy on his face then got up and head butt him then rudy headbutt him as well both their heads toiching each other papa trys to puch him back but rudy was too strong for him and rudy bite him in his mouth same thing that papa did to him like “aligators do biting each other”. But papa let go and bite rudy arm very hard. rudy scatrch papa eye made a scar making him very pain but he still fight back then knock rudy to the ground and hold him down by using feet on neck. Then he was going to finsh off rudy once an for all but he couldnt because he rembers him and momma playing in the the forest when there were kids so he roars to show hom he won this fight. Papa was going to his wife and kids while they were watching that fight making them scared and being block by the gunglogs and mate of rudy’s but Rudy didn’t care he lost to papa but he can still win for the empire of the above world do he turns around and bite papa leg then push him to the ground so he was going to kill papa but did stood up and save by throwings rocks at by saying “leave him alone” Rudy was going after Sid but papa was bitting Rudy leg hard to make shure he wouldnt kill Sid then rudy kicks papa hard enogh then tail whip him so he can stay down on the ground while in that fight cars and eddy had a idea to beat Rudy with the help of scart that they made a deal with him and scart was trying to tell them if he dose it they will get him acorns. So the three them work together to scared Rudy and the others away to back to Dino world bye making the craziest idea that they ever done in their life. So they beat Rudy and the others. Papa Dino finally decides to make Sid to be in his family which Sid really wants too then crash and Eddie ask scary to be in their family because he was crazy like them which he took the offer. Papa momma and the teenagers trex was so happy to make Sid and grandma to be in a family but Sid was asking about buck to in their family seeing what he try to save his friends papa made it happen to buck be there with them. The teenagers dinos cant fight because they are vulenarble for predtors that they can be killed if not being portected

  14. Well I have a new idea If u r making iceage that rudy has return and tried to take the above world his new empire with the gunglongs. He made a deal with the gunglongs that they help him he will give half the empire to them. There a reason he wants the above his mate was pregnant ready to birth to eggs and thinks that he will become king and his family will be royalty of the above world. Rudy had found out about the cave to the above world was thanks to teens mammoths to set him free from the dinoworld. He was chasing them when they were exploring in the dinoworld peaches was has having memories back about this place. But know body was listing to her. Then rudy comes in front of them and chase back to the above world. He saw it then when back down to tell his mate about it. The teens belive he was afraid of the above world or something. Then peaches ran to manny to tell what happen. After that Sid was happy hearing about the dinoworld so he ran to find that cave so find his family trex. He saw three trex babies playing around there new home then Sid saw was running to them then a bigger trex ran in front of him and tried to attack Sid because he thought he was going to hurt them. Then kids ran to momma to save Sid. She made it in time to save but papa was didn’t like Sid at all because he belives he is a stranger to him and papa thinks Sid is bad influence or something. Then Diego found Sid. Seeing the trex family. Momma and kids was very happy to see Sid again. Momma and babies truley wants Sid to be in the family very munch but papa said no and roar at Sid tell him to leave. Then later Rudy was roaring at very loud then papa told his family to leave. In this website I had read papa momma and rudy were good friends as kids. But everything change when papa and momma were together. He use too love moma more then papa did so he felt betrayed and never spoke or play. He was very angery when he left them papa still has some feelings to his old friend but Rudy can and will him or moma or even the kids so he stays away from him. Since Rudy is the biggest and the strongest dinsaures being 60 feet tall and 120 feet long with great endurance,tracking, flexibility,speed, and scence. He is the most feared dinosaur of all dinoworld then if he saw scarring down there he will more scary to the above world even more. Buck has return after all the years he told his friends he speaks Dino now. Also papa was told to be 50ft tall and momma was said to 40 foot tall trex. Rudy mate was named in this website Flood. Being the same size of papa Dino. Rudy never want her to go out of their home because there last of their kind. And he was told to list his family when he grown up. And not only Buck has return scratte as well who wants to get back with scart. Rudy told his mate when straight with the gunglongs and told them everything about the above the world. So the vicous Dino when to the above manny and the others with the help of buck tried to stop them. There was too many of them so Sid said he was going to get more help by getting trex about papa said no chase Sid and trying to beg on his knees didn’t want to his herd get killed. So Sid left with sadness papa did look back at him to feel guilt but he want home with his family. Then later fighting the dinosaures there was too strong and too big for them to deal and buck was getting exhausted. Sid said leave my heard alone so rudy rembers Sid the most other then buck so he tried to eat him so Sid tried to fight Back then the gunglongs and rudy and mate were laughing at him thinking he taugh then Sid throws a rock at rudy eye make feel pain then he comes to eat then they hear a roar comming out the cave then papa runs to fight rudy to protect Sid. Then his family came to help as well. Papa was fighting and biting him but Rudy was still to strong for him to deal papa head butt him in rudy jaw by jumping and bumping at him. So papa knocks rudy over then with his tail at his legs. Then papa steps on his neck with anger then he was going to finish him off for good then rembers the good times he was younger with his best friend so he just roars and made him leave from the above but rudy made be down but he was over for him so he turns around then attacks papa by scratching his eye to make a scar then papa was screaming pain Rudy’s knocks him down to kill papa for good. Sid stood up for papa to save his life to by taking my life instead he didn’t want papa to never see his family. Rudy was going to Sid then papa got up and bite rudy leg to protect Sid then rudy use his leg to get off from papa moth then kick his face then use tail stregth to hit stomach on papa to make shure he wouldn’t get up at all so he can eat him. Then crash and eddy have idea to get rid of villans by doing what they do best of extreme games. With the help of scart and scartte. The possems brother told them they will get mutts for them if they help and it works to driven off the villans to go home to Dino world. Then Sid and trex momma and kids went to check on papa he was still alive and told Sid thank u for tying to save his life then papa wants Sid in his family now with his grandmother. The possems ask scart and scartte to their herd as well so they join. Sid was exciting to be part of the trex family and the herd wants buck to be in ther herd especially Diego the most so he did since rudy going to be dad soon there no need to fight him no more.

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